Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Used Sea Kayaks.Used Surf Kayaks - As of January 2014.


Nigel Dennis Kayak NDK Romany. Very good condition, just needs a foam seat. No cracks or repair. White over white with orange trim. The original surfing sea kayak. $1995

Mega Surf Kayak Proton. Excellent condition with very little wave time. Carbon Kevlar hull with glass deck...aka Standard construction. Super fast, high performance (HP) surf kayak. Chris Hobson won the world championship in 2011 in this model. Not for sissies. $1525

Stellar Kayak S12. Advantage layup. Very lightweight, fast and well made cruiser. Double bulkheads and hatches in excellent condition. Stellar Kayaks are excellent value with uncompromised features. $1525.
Nigel Dennis Kayak NDK Romany LV Elite. Excellent condition used NDK Romany for the smaller paddler. Carbon Kevlar bulkheads and seat - $2250.

Necky Tofino Double Kayak. Seaworthy tandem cruiser ready to go to sea, almost. Needs new neo hatch covers and deck bungees. $900


Tiderace Xplore S Carbon Pro. Perfect condition 2012 Carbon Pro...all carbon hull, super stiff, lightweight, fast cruising, surfing, exploring sea kayak. Striking red and black deck over white hull. $3550.
Used Canoes from $300. 13-16ft


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slowly Down the Road to the Cemetery

The picture below was taken this morning three years ago, on the River Ganges in India. We did not want to camp next to a corpse, but it was the last suitable place before night fall, after a long day of paddling. The River Ganges runs through the Gangetic plain, home to over 700 million people…almost a seventh of the entire human population.
Now... three years later, our shop is located a few doors down from the gates of the famous Bonaventure Cemetery. Not a day goes by without a  slow moving funeral procession passing along.
It strikes us that our most valuable commodity on earth is time. Our most precious resource is water, and the most fun is often spent with friends and family. As kids we know this to be true, but as we get older we get swayed and pressured by the madness of adulthood in the 21st century. It’s not until we are stretched out on the death bed that we remember the simplicity of what life was about all those years ago.
We do need a revolution. Not the bloody kind that creates more sorrow, misery and regret, but the kind of revolution where nobody shows up. Nobody goes to work, no bills are paid, no money is spent, no bombs go off, no trees chopped down, no animals made extinct, no chemicals dumped into our rivers and oceans. Rather, we all grab our canoes, kayaks and sail boats, our backpacks and bicycles, our hiking boots, our fishing poles, bows and arrows, and head off into wild nature with ourselves, our friends and families.  We are soon reminded of what was important then is even more important now. We are losing our minds because we are losing our mindfulness.
Of course, the Ganges River is the most polluted river in the world, but did you know the Savannah River is the 4th most polluted in the USA, and it is only going to become more so with the harbor expansion project.  Clean water is everything to all life... always has been, always will be. They are not sending spaceships to Mars looking for food or oil… they are looking for water.
So the revolution goes like this: Support your local Riverkeeper. Move slowly in nature and hang out with friends. Be Happy.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Tiderace kayaks are in!

If you've been interested in trying out any of the new Tiderace kayaks, now's the time. Savannah Canoe & Kayak has some new and demo models currently in stock. Whether you're looking for optimal touring, ocean play, or maximum paddling speed, a Tiderace kayak may be the boat to help you achieve your optimal paddling performance.
As leaders in the field of composite sea kayak construction and design, using their Tiderace Core Technology (TCT) to employ the optimal combination of weight and stiffness, Tiderace's boats are extremely durable in their construction and innovative in their design. Whatever design or performance characteristics you're looking for, Tiderace has got a boat to fit your needs. Which hull series will you choose; touring, play, or speed?

Xplore S

Boats that are currently in stock include:
Xcite S                  Classic lay-up
Xcape X                Intro lay-up
Xplore S                G-Core & Carbon
Xplore X               Classic lay-up
Xplore M              G-Core lay-up

*Also, in February SC&K will be expecting the arrival of an Xtra HV and Tiderace's new Polyethelene Play/Tour boat, the Vortex.

Xplore M

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why take a kayaking class?

Well...why not? Here at Savannah Canoe & Kayak, we believe strongly that increased time spent paddling, and practicing paddling skills and technique, will lead to increased physical and mental satisfaction, as well as overall health and happiness in life. Who couldn't use a little more of that each day?

Our highly skilled and friendly staff, with over 60 years combined paddling experience, can help you to prepare for and meet all of your personal paddling goals, and we'll most certainly have a lot of fun in the process. Take advantage of Georgia's warm waters and it's vast network of barrier islands, estuaries, and tidal creeks which await your discovery.  As your skills grow and you gain the confidence and ability to manage yourself and your kayak on the water, endless opportunities of exploration and adventure will become available to you. Are you ready to begin this educational and exciting adventure?

Whether you're simply looking to increase your fitness level, discover the waterways of the area, meet other paddlers, or become an expedition paddler, guide or instructor, or even a kayak surfer, Savannah Canoe & Kayak would be excited to help you meet these goals. The discipline of paddling a kayak efficiently, safely, and competently can become a lifelong and joyous pursuit of discovery.  We hope that you will make it a passion of your own and that we may be helpful to you throughout your growth in the world of paddlesports. 

Give us a call, 912-341-9502, or stop by our shop, www.savannahcanoeandkayak.com, today and our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you to determine which paddling program would best suit your needs. Welcome to the paddling community, and we'll see you on the water!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Schwag at SC&K!

Hydroflask 18oz. Wide Flip Lid Thermos  
This is definitely one of my all-time favorite coffee tumbler/thermoses. Hydroflask really got it figured out with a flip top sipping lid that actually stays shut. Listen for the click and toss it in your day hatch or passenger seat without the worry of spilling your hot or cold beverage all over. Fill 'er up in the morning and enjoy a hot beverage in the afternoon if you like. This handsomely finished stainless steel thermos has a vacuum sealed double-wall, is BPA free, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Hydroflask is also a socially responsible company, partnered
with www.fivepercentback.org, where you can register and donate 5% of the proceeds to a charity of your choosing. You'll feel all warm and fuzzy every time you take a sip from one of these!

      Simplify your life with Astral's new YTV
This PFD is one fine example of simplicity and function. Designed with the freestyle or whitewater paddler in mind, this life-jacket is so lightweight, adjustable, and comfortable, it will surely be an excellent choice for a wide range of paddlers. With 4 straps for adjustment and a pocket on each side for storage, the low-profile, no nonsense features of this jacket make for one elegant and performance oriented piece of gear. Weather your ripping it up in the surf, knocking out some miles in the sea-kayak, throwing ends in a play-hole on the river, or just out for a relaxing day on the water, this vest will surely keep you feeling comfortable and safe while you're out. Choose colors from safety yellow (as shown), navy blue, or black. Come in for a fitting today!

New Paddles from Adventure Technology
The Search (sport series) - This highly adjustable two-piece, carbon shaft, with nylon reinforced fiberglass blades comes in 210cm or 215cm lengths. Each can be feathered as desired or lengthened up to an additional 5cm as you wish. Weighing only 36.5oz., and priced at $125, this is a very versatile and economical option. 
(yellow blade shown in picture)

The Oracle (advanced series)- a real performer, this ultralight (29oz.), carbon shaft and fiberglass blade offers all the versatility and design of the Search model, only it's quite a bit lighter! If your looking for the rigidity and ultralight performance of a fiberglass blade with breakdown capability and adjustable feathering, this could be your new paddle. Priced at $260, this is a great introductory rate for high-performance blade. Stop by the shop and  take 'er for a test paddle if you feel so inclined.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Surf's Up, Sprouts!

   Surf Sprouts, April 14th Training Day & Camp; 2 Sessions in June Now Available!!   
     Sprouts, grab your paddles and let's dig in as we get ready to catch some waves and start shredding some surf! This paddling activity best suited for ages 12-16 yrs, will focus on paddling safely and efficiently in the surf with a major emphasis on fun. Sprouts will learn the fundamentals of kayak surfing technique, proper equipment, surf zone safety and etiquette, how to choose proper surf, and essential techniques of wave riding. Prepare to get wet and learn to love a good wipe-out. Sprouts will spring forward with improved paddling skills and confidence after our super-charged two-day camp. Also, for those students who just can't wait for camp to start, we'll have a mid-April warm-up surf session. All levels of experience are welcome, but good attitudes are required. Better eat your fruit-loops before surf day, because you're going to need 'em! April 14th is Practice Day, and Surf Sprouts camp will take place Mon. & Tues., June 3rd & 4th, and again on Wed. and Thurs. June 19 & 20. Call today to sign up, (912) 341-9502. The cost for each day is $60 per student.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sea Sprouts on Deck! June 10-11, June 24-25, July 8-9, July 22-23

    Get ready for more on-water shenanigans with the Sea Sprouts! This 2 day kayak camp, geared for ages 9-12 years, will be action packed with plenty of exciting games and activities to help develop paddling skills, and on-water safety.  Classic games and Sprout favorites like "Muddy Buddies" and "Shakey Monkey" will surely make their way into the games list for this year as well. Sprouts will also go on a paddling trip on the second day of camp putting all their new skills to the test. This is both a great way for kids to get started paddling or build on any skills they've developed previously. Camp will take place at "Butterbean Beach" or Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp in the Skidaway Narrows from 9:00 until 12:30pm on Monday and Tuesday (1st session June 10-11, 2nd session June 24th-25th, 3rd session July 8th-9th and the 4th session July 22-23) Cost is $60 a day or $120 for both days, call the shop today to sign up, 912-341-9502.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Join Us Thursday Evening...

...for our first get together of the new year. Tim Keyes of the GA DNR will be coming up from Brunswick to talk about nesting shore birds, volunteer opportunities, and all the news from living in the fly by. Free and open to all.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cumberland Island Adventure Apr 11-13

One of our favorite parts of the Georgia coast is the mysterious and magnificent Cumberland Island.
This is a great trip for new and experienced paddlers alike, but also a great introduction to those new to kayak camping. With a dense canopy and huge live oaks draped in moss and vines, Cumberland's habitat is reminiscent of a tropical rain forest and dates from the pleistocene epoch.
Paddling to an island and then exploring it is what the kayak was invented for...at least we think so. Base camping on the northern end of the island will put us in the thick of the wilderness area, and the least visited part of Cumberland.
Day 1 : Launching from Crooked River on the ebbing tide puts us at Plum Orchard for lunch. If the building is open we'll take a snoop around a great example of turn of the 20th century aristocratic living. An afternoon paddle gets us to the Brickhill base camp just in time for tea and tiffin.
Day 2 is an island exploration day with several options. Hike to the settlement and the first African Baptist Church made famous by JFK jr, or an awesome hike along one of the best walks on the GA coast...the rollercoast trail.
Day 3. Leisurly breakfast and break camp, for a flood tide trip back to the Crooked River S.P. We should arrive back in the modern world around lunch time on Saturday.
We have 7 places open for this mini adventure, which is ideal for adults and children alike.
All meals and gear provided.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Yes, We Are Open For Year 10.

Regular shop hours are once again the order of the day.
Day trips are now running to all points of the compass, and the weekend instruction program will kick off at the beginning of March.
New kayaks from Dagger, Liquid Logic, Native Watercraft, Venture, Feel Free and Stellar have started showing up. Excited about the new Stellar S18S, in the shop any day now.
And the Dagger Alchemy is our new favorite surf toy.
Plenty of used, demo, plastic and composite surf kayaks at great prices.

Our first instructor workshop of the year is this coming weekend, in Jacksonville, Florida.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mountain Film Fest is Back

January 18-19.
Trustees Theater on Broughton.
One of our favorite film festivals will soon be back in town for it's 4th season.
Following the success of last year's move to the Trustees Theater on Broughton St, the Telluride Mountain Film Festival comes to Savannah via some great folks who think these are some cool movies we need to see.
The films are not about skiing, but rather human endeavor and environmentalism. They stem from award winning grassroots video journalism, capturing visions and inspirational stories of our world, past, present and future.
We will be there, and we will be inspired.