Friday, December 26, 2008

Sea Kayak IDW

Getting serious in Spring..

There will be a follow up ICE one month later ...May 1-3.

Tybee Surf Rodeo

Fun in the Fall...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Biggest Inventory of Surf Boats on E.Coast

Thank You Santa...

Our winter shippment of Mega surf boats arrived this week and the new Riot surf kayaks will be here in about 4 weeks. We will then have the finest stock selection of surf boats on the East coast, with nearly 20 different models to choose from.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Green Things - Water Bottle Winners just in.

It doesn't matter if you are going greener because of the recession, fashion, peer pressure or guilt. Ultimately, the real reason is due to a collective awakened consciousness that will now require the constant food of higher thought.
Thanks to all those who wrote in with their 'easy to apply' greener ways.
Here are the top five winners for a re-usable water bottle.

5/ Millie - "For 25 cents a gallon, I can fill an old milk jug with filtered water at Publix"
4/ Randy- " We take our own grocery bags to every store"
3/ Jill- " I dumped my boyfriend because he didn't own a bicycle"
4/ Brad- " I think about re-using and repairing more than re-cycling"
5/ Frank- " As you said, the best things in life are not 'things'. So I have nixed your Christmas present"

Peace on earth - may all beings be happy.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A New Beach on Tybee. Surf Still Good

Great surf on Tybee for the last three days.
While out surfing yesterday I noticed the dredger pulling anchor and chugging off to the next seaside resort. Yes, after several millions of dollars of 'sea floor vacuuming' the beach is now covered with coarse , pluthy sand and feels somewhat similar to walking across a sand quarry.
Anyway, one big tide and a Nor' Easter and it will settle it down and back to it's old normal, natural self.
Check out this little video made by some local kids about the process..

There is only one of nature.

Great Vibrations to Finish the Year

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to our home. And to those that could not make it, we missed you, but will catch up next time. With over thirty people attending, it was fantastic to see the outdoor community of Savannah has such a great diversity and, how fortunate we are, that through our business we can bring these people together.
Thanks to you all for your pot luck dishes, but mostly your good vibrations.
We are very humbled by everybody's dedicated and continual support for SC&K.
And a big thanks to Zac Smith for walking a long way and giving us the reason.
Great presentation Zac. Loved the songs. Want to hear more.
With all those pictures of eating and drinking maybe we should all be out 'hiking the trail'.
Om Shanti.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

10 Day Meditation Ends on 11th Day

SC&K's very own Loser Monk has been off in the deep woods of southern Georgia on bi-annual meditation retreat. The Captain's Blog caught up with the surfing swami with a few questions about what he's been up to.

CB. What do you do on a meditation retreat?
LM. I practice a technique to help live a better life, for myself and others, to purify my mind of mental defilements, to become a fully realized human being... aka shape up my act.
CB. Sounds technical!
LM. It's very simple. There is instruction and you practice. It is a technique. No special equipment required.
CB. So, what do you do again?
LM. Firstly, you sit and observe your respiration for 4 days. Then, for 6 days, you observe sensation within the framework of your body.
CB. What about yoga, sand painting and studying sutres?
LM. Nothing doing. 5 hours meditation in the morning. 4 hours meditation in the afternoon. 2 hours meditation in the evening. Nothing else.
CB. Sounds very boring.
LM. Boredom is one of the a defilements of the mind we are trying to expel.
CB. Is it hard?
LM. It's the only thing I have ever done that kicks my arse everyday for 10 days, but every night I go to bed looking forward to the next.
How long have you been doing this ?
LM. I sat my first course in '93 and have since attended a bunch in various parts of the globe.
CB. Are you close to Enlightenment?
LM. If the sun is Nirvana I am now about 3 meters closer... enough to be out of the shade, maybe.
CB. Do you get a certificate upon completion?
LM. Possibly.
CB. How does this help with your surfing ?
LM. Surfing represents the futility of the human being's existence. For every great ride, there is a major thrashing.
Maintain awareness, stay calm, be happy.

Top 10 insights from this years meditation retreat.

1/ Vibrations are everything.
2/ The more successful I become, the more materialistic I become, the more self centered I become.
3/ Meditate, sleep, be happy.
4/ Every thought manifests a physical sensation on the body.
5/ Meditation is the best Life and Health Insurance Policy.
6/ Big oak trees give off incredibly strong vibrations.
7/ Talking is an overused sensory pleasure.
8/ Life is intrinsically simple, but infinitely complex.
9/ America will soon have a president who can sit crossed legged on the floor.
10/ At the end of ten days meditation I had a hard time remembering my home phone number.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Water Bottle Give Away

We are strongly encouraging all our customers to carry reusable water bottles from now on. We will offer our logo bottles complete with filtered tap water at a discounted price when customers make a reservation.
These new logo inscribed Camel Back water bottles are a hot item this Christmas. They are slim and easy to travel with and even fit in your bike bottle cage. And in the true spirit of seasonal things, we are giving them away. Just drop us an email and tell us the greenest thing you did this month.
Nothing too saucy please.
And while you mull that over think of this....
50 Billion disposable water bottles were discarded in 07'. Over half ended up in the ocean or land fill sites. Most were full of nothing other than filtered tap water.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Somali Pirates- Give 'em a Break !

There they go again ..getting all upset about their guns and oil.
"They stole our tanks " cried the arms dealers.
"They stole our super tanker and 100 million dollars of oil" blubbed the fat sheiks.
And then the Ocean Cruise ship outran the gun tooting bandits in a high speed getaway. Or, did the pirates wise up and realise no good comes from having a cruise ship in town ?
SC&K does not approve of stealing, but maybe those pirates are smarter than what the 'world press' would like us to believe.
When will we get the 'full' story ?

Saxby Chambliss..

...Your kayaking reservation has been denied.
The Management.

More Bad Karma For U.S Navy


Every autumn, the female right whale frequents the temperate waters of the Georgia Bight, a stretch of shallows adjacent to the Georgia and Florida coasts. After nearly a one-year gestation period and a more than 1,400 mile journey south averaging six miles per hour, this is where the mother will birth her calf. She will nurse her newborn for a full year and then reserve one more year to fatten for the next pregnancy. The calving season spans Nov. 15-April 15, with peak calving season December through March

The Right Whale was named because it was supposedly the “right” whale to hunt, for the oil lucratively harvested from her blubber. She was easy prey due to her tempered and shallow group swim and the thick layer of blubber that kept her afloat postmortem — thus facilitating retrieval. Large-scale whaling began in the 11th Century, and by the mid-1500s, sailors would travel as much as 3000 miles a year in search of the profitable kill. Centuries later, American whalers continued the tradition, harvesting whale bones for corsets, umbrellas and whips until the late 1800s when it was no longer commercially viable. By this time, the North Atlantic right whale was near extinction. Where they once numbered hundreds of thousands, there remained only a few dozen.

The precarious state of this baleen whale comes at odds with countless seafaring industries and competing uses of the bustling Atlantic seaboard, none more alarming to critics than the U.S. Navy’s proposed Undersea Warfare Training Range (USWTR), which could be in operation off the Georgia/Florida coast as early as 2013.

The Navy faced a string of court defeats in Hawaii and California over its use of sonar to hunt submarines in training simulations, but appealed those decisions.Just last week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Navy’s professed national security imperative to continue sonar testing.

There is conclusive evidence that sonar affects a number of other marine mammals, many of which inhabit the Georgia Bight, home to 43 marine mammal species. According to NOAA documents, “Over the past 12 years, there have been five stranding events coincident with military mid-frequency sonar use.”During these incidents, strandings were reported for as many as 12, 14 and 17 beaked whales, Minke whales and various dolphin species, respectively. Many of the dead whales had auditory structural damage, hemorrhaged ears, blood clots, bleeding eyes, brain injuries, kidney lesions and congestion in the lungs. Many were found to have nitrogen bubble formation, similar to what might be expected in decompression sickness.

As many marine mammals rely on sonar for navigation, it has been presumed that whales affected by the naval sonar lost their bearings entirely or were frantic to escape the noise, rushing to the surface too quickly.

“Georgia and Florida’s marine life and fisheries are too important for the Navy to build a sonar testing range before adequately assessing its impacts. And while the danger to all marine mammals in the vicinity of the proposed training range is concerning, the case of right whales is imperative because every single loss may doom the species to extinction,” cautions Will Berson, senior policy analyst for the coastal office of the Georgia Conservancy.

“I do not believe that the Navy’s current mitigation measures adequately address our obligations to these whales.” CS

Here, here !