Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March is the kick off of our paddling season and it was great to start and end the month with two great camping trips. The first weekend put us back on the mighty Cumberland Island, a fascinating and beautiful piece of American history. This last week we had perfect weather for a WI university spring break trip to Little Tybee...a great bunch of boys and girls who all made the most of our beautiful little piece of Ga coast. No video of Cumberland, but photos will be added to a slide show soon.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Next Saturday - Surf Demo

Our first official surf demo of '09 will take place at the Savannah beach next weekend.
It's free and open to anyone interested in trying a surf specific kayak.

Pleas call us if there is a kayak you really want to try out.
Water temps are in the mid 60's so dress warm.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cancelled - Eastern Horizons Not Showing Tonite.

Due to an unfortunate logistical oversight, Bryan Smith's Eatern Horizons will not be playing here tonite.

"Documenting the entire length of the East Coast from Georgia to Newfoundland, Eastern Horizons blends the rich history and culture of the Atlantic with world class sea kayakers, idyllic destinations, incredible wildlife and compelling stories of people who's lives are deeply connected to the Atlantic Ocean. From paddling the wildlife rich swamps and mangroves of the Carolina's to the icebergs of Newfoundland; from surfing the "zipper" at Tybee Island, Georgia to playing in the tidal flows around Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy; and from capturing the iconic urban landscapes of New York City to the remote fishing villages of Quebec's north shore,
Eastern Horizons will inspire paddlers and non-paddlers alike to get out and explore the ocean! "

We don't know of any 'Zipper action' lately, but we did take Bryan on a 'SC&K style' excursion to Little Tybee while he was here last October. It seems we made it into the final cut, which by all accounts sounds very good..

Thanks very much Bryan, glad to be at your service.

We will reschedule the showing when we aquire a copy of the movie.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Surfrider Meeting.

Georgia Chapter Surfrider meeting this Monday at
Tubby's in Thunderbolt. 7pm

Monday, March 16, 2009

L3/4 - Good Surf,Good Fun,Some Sun

Our L3 /L4 Surf Kayak class run over the weekend for which we had near ideal conditions.
Saturday was chest high wind waves with a 10 sec ground swell in there for good measure. Great conditions for paddle out techniques and plenty of variety for wave selection.
Even the low cloud and cold NE wind was no damper on the days proceedings.
Apart from some thick bouts of fog, Sunday cleaned up nicely, with about an 8 sec period and waist high sets. The warmer temps and clean sets made for some good filming ops and we finished the day watching TV and some very useful video feedback. The chaps were stoked.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Guide Training .

Only two places left..

This is a training and assessment course. We show you what to do... you show us you can do it. This is an ACA certification award for anyone interested in leading day trips on the water.
For a complete review of the course outline click here

Friday, March 13, 2009

SC&K in April Issue of South Magazine

Taken from an article for The South Magazine out next month.

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks for your interest in SC&K.

Yes, we have been in Savannah for nearly 9 years..guiding the whole time, but only started our own business 6 years ago. We canoed here from Wisconsin in 2000.

The guides we use have been paddling the GA coast for many years and have a great deal of experience from it. As well as excellent paddlers, they are also very interesting characters in their own right. They all have a vested interest in the GA coast and it's protection.
They work for us on a part time basis. My wife, Kristin, and I are the only full time employees. We each spend about 250 days a year on Georgia water ways.

Marsh, rivers, ocean, and islands make for no lack of destinations. Some of it is protected from sprawl, much of it is not. Apart from the shootings, Savannah is a pretty civilized town with an interesting mix of characters wishing to experience their environs one way or another..

Kayaking is the most popular paddle sport in this area, and most suited to our tidal and 'open' marsh environment. This area has also become nationally recognized as a great place to sea kayak as the conditions here are excellent. Canoes are best used west of I 95. The surf here is small but good for learning and approx. ten days a year the surf here is as good as Florida or any east coast location. Surf Kayaking is just like regular surfing, but your on your butt and you have a paddle.

Most of our clients are locals from Savannah, the Islands, Statesboro, Augusta, and Atlanta. In the Fall and early spring we 'll get clients from California, Canada, New England and some from Old England. They usually come for our Sea Kayak instruction and training, making most use of our warm waters. Some come for our coastal expedition trips along the GA coast.

If it lives in the ocean, we have encountered it up close...everything but a whale. Have not seen a live one of those around here, yet, but they're out there.

We once had a large dolphin leap up into air and come down on the bow of a kayak, kicking it up on end. It was quite a ride for the 13 year old paddler who has a great story that no one will ever believe.

Everything on our website is current. It is one of the most current kayaking websites in the business.

Thanks, Jennifer. Hope that helps. Good luck and if you want to go kayaking give us a ring.

Nigel Law
ACA Instructor Trainer, ACA Canoe Instructor, BCU Level 3 Sea Kayak Coach, WFA
Co owner of Savannah Canoe & Kayak ..along with Kristin Law.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three Foot and Glassy - 80 Degrees.

That was the surf report for this morning at Fernandina Beach and that's what it was when we paddled out for an early morning session. It was our first surf in many months of no surf and the temperatures soared into the 80's over the empty beach. Still sore from the previous day's paddle, we took a few spectator worthy wipe outs on chest high sets.
Yesterday Dr Dude and myself delivered a tandem sea kayak to Willy on Cumberland Island. We made great time as we rode the tide out and, with a southerly breeze on our back, we returned with the 4 sea kayaks we had left there the previous week.

So there we were... back on the beach in FL, burning in the morning sun, thinking 'this is not bad' (except for the burning bit).... and just as another snow storm sweeps across the Midwest and NE. There was a moment of silent reflection before hitting the waves for one more charge at glory.

As Willy said as we paddled away from the dock...."Y'all must be livin' right !".

We're trying, Willy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Family of 4 on 1 kayak

We now have in the stock the RTM Ocean Quattro...

With solid backrests and full perimeter deck line as standard, we think this is one of the best and most comfortable SOT's out there. At over 30" wide it is a very stable platform for fishing and diving from. The boat paddles and tracks well and in the right hands it can even handle the surf. As well as taking mum, dad and the kiddies for an afternoon outing through the marsh, it's the ideal vessel for a couple and the dog hoofing it over to Little Tybee for the weekend.

Length: 13 ft. Width: 34 inches. Depth: 13.5 inches

Family of four standard boat... $825 of pure fun.

Become a Kayak Instructor.


Ever wanted to be a kayak instructor ?
Interested in becoming an outdoor professional ?
Do you want to become a better guide and leader for your organization ?
Three days of learning 'what to teach' and 'how to teach it'.
This class covers the 'Basic' to Open Water' levels. Cost $350.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Level 3 & 4 Surf Class - 2 Places Open


We have a couple of places open for the surf boat surf class in two weeks time. Level 3 will cover the nuts and bolts of surfing and the L4 will focus more on precise maneuvers and will make use of photo and possibly video feedback.
Suitable participants should have some form of a roll.
Boats and gear can be supplied.
Air temps in the mid 70's. Water temps are in the low 60's.

Monday, March 2, 2009

92 Miles - 7 Days- 1 Great Time for the Family

June 20-26 2009..This summer why not join fellow paddling enthusiasts for Paddle Georgia, a week long canoe /kayak adventure on North Georgia's Coosawattee and Oostanaula rivers.

" There's no better thing to do in a recession year than take the family on a river trip." NL

The event includes educational programs on the rivers cultural and natural history, tours of facilities located along the river, and nightly entertainment and games. It is an educational adventure for all the family. Space is limited so apply now.

Organized by the Georgia River Network.
We have registration forms here at SC&K.
Drop us an email and we'll send you one.

Cumberland Island Adventure

We started the '09 paddling season this past weekend with a fantastic trip to beautiful Cumberland Island. True to her nature, March kicked out February with a flash and a bang.

This trip was a bit different from others past, as we payed a visit to friends now living on Cumberland. We toured much of the island in Willy's truck, passing by the 'airport' just as Gogo was going to the farmers market in Fernandina. We strolled among 'The Chimneys', the last remnants of Robert Stafford's slave village, and browsed the only 'shop' on the island ...Gogo's jewelry store. We knew the weather on Sunday was questionable and readied our camp for strong midnight thunderstorms. With high winds and imminent storms, our window of opportunity Sunday morning was quickly squashed, so we fell back to Plan C, arriving back at the put in right on schedule.

"Thank you for a wonderful and professionally guided trip!!! No doubt you made the wise decision. Willy and (and you).. all you did for us at Cumberland will be the topic of discussion for many months and even years to come.

Finally - This trip did wonders for my spirit and soul and will make returning to work and NYC much easier now that I have a reminder of what is truly important in life - Love of Nature, Friendship, excitement of seeing beautiful sunsets, having a show down with a horse on a trail, being amazed at the force of nature and the weather, the thrill of paddling across open choppy water into the wind and actually winning a (albeit) small battle against nature.

Cheers from frozen Atlanta"