Friday, October 30, 2009

Launch of 9 Day Georgia Coast Expedition

Bon Voyage, Steve and Nigel!

Photos: Ed Furia

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tybee Surf Jam Results


1st- Walther Bunso

2nd - Ian Forsyth

3rd - Ben Jordan


1st -Patrick Fields & Nick Scoville
2nd -Colm Acuff & Ben Jordan

3rd - Ted Williams & Kay Hess.


1st -Brent Fields

2nd- Pat Grause

3rd - Walther Bunso


1st- Nick Scoville

2nd -Dale Williams

3rd - Richard Davis


1st -Barry Shrum

2nd -Anthony Bell

3rd -Nick Scoville


1st -Anthony Bell

2nd -Colm Acuff

3rd - Brent Fields

We have a lot of pictures and video that will be added to the website as soon as we get the chance. We will be compiling a dvd of the event that will be available to purchase for a small fee. Thanks again to all who took part and the volunteers who made it run so smoothly. Also thank you to those that came out to spectate and cheer!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Surf Jam was Right On !

A big thank you to everyone involved with the First SC&K Tybee Paddle Surf Jam.
You all made it a great day at the beach and showed off the sport of paddle surfing to it's very best.
We would also like to thank the Tybee board surfing community for giving us a great piece of the beach on a 'top 20' Tybee surf day. I don't think we had one board surfer in the competition zone....a few confused sea kayakers perhaps, but that was o.k too.
Full results and pictures will be added here, and to the Surf Jam web page on our site.
"Please congratulate yourselves for a fine job. The volunteers were fantastic, positive, and just a delight. "
Barry Shrum

Friday, October 23, 2009

Surf Jam Surf Report

Conditions look very favorable for a fun and exciting contest.
Greys Reef buoy is bobbing around at 4ft with a 7 sec period at present.
Winds will decrease somewhat for Saturday but stay southerly, wave height will decrease, extending the wave period slightly and cleaning up the waves.
This is a near perfect forecast for this event which is really aimed at introducing paddlers to competition surf as a way of improving skill level and continued enjoyment of the sport.

We have twenty three contestants for the jam.
If you are not signed up we will see you next year.
Registration is now closed... there are no walk ups.

L3/L4 Surf Kayak class this morning at 9am....also full .
Old students are welcome to join us.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Through Paddlers stop on Tybee

Dan and Bethany are paddling the 'Ditch' from Maine to Florida.
We got an email from them a few days ago looking for paddling and logistics info regarding the Ga coast. We were more than happy to oblige.
Almost 10 years ago to the day a similar young couple were just starting out on a through paddle from Wisconsin to Florida (sound familiar). Although we never emailed anyone, we did receive a lot of assistance from strangers along the way and it did make the trip all the more interesting.
The intrepid couple are on Tybee for a few days before taking on the challenge of the Ga coast.
We wish them a bon voyage.
Follow their trip here...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crawfish Speaks...Tonite !

What do a beach, a dune, a freshwater swale, a maritime forest and a saltmarsh all have in common? The answer?...They are all components of the wonderful area we know as the Georgia coast and barrier islands.

To understand how our coast was formed, what forces affect it, and how its diverse habitats influence the wildlife that live there, please join Ogeechee Audubon on Tuesday, October 20, for a presentation by John "Crawfish" Crawford.

John is a highly knowledgeable and entertaining speaker with a wealth of information and tales to share. He is a Marine Science Education Specialist at the Skidaway Island Marine Extension Service, part of the University of Georgia. His talk and slide show are entitled "A Dynamic Stability: The Nature of the Georgia Coastal Region."

The program begins at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, October 20 at the First Presbyterian Church, 520 E. Washington Avenue. No reservations are necessary and the program is free and open to the public.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something for the Weekend.

Savannah Canoe and Kayak has the complete range of plastic and composite contemporary mega surf boats. There will be a few demo and display models at the beach this weekend. See you at the Jam !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surf Jam Shaping Up.

With water temps in the high 70's, the Tybee Paddle surf Jam, back by popular demand, is gearing up nicely.

We have approx 15 people signed up at present with a week still to go before registration closes next Thursday. 20 Contestants would be ideal.

It's excellent to see that the largest category is the First Timers.

This is just what we hoped for as the purpose of the event is to introduce people to competition surfing as another way to increase skill level and enjoyment of a great beach based activity.
" It would be great to fill the beach with an assortment of kayaks of all lengths, sizes and styles." said an SC&K authorized spokesperson.
"We got the new Flex from Venture which looks like a heap of fun in waves.
The Tandem event should be a good crowd pleaser with father and son, husband and wife, cop and con combos, all on Malibu 2's.
The Mega Bullitt X's will also be making it's first U.S appearance.
And the Tiderace Sea Kayak line will also be on display and surfed in the competition."
And what about the conditions ?
"Well, October is a commonly good month for waves. If it's big and rowdy there will be great displays by the 'Pros' and if it's flat we will have kayak races to the buoy and back." One way or another, we have a beach, ocean people and kayaks, plus a few goodies to give away.
So, come on down to the beach, bring the family and your swimming suits...there's gonna be a jam.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is The Georgia Coast

On the 31st of October we will depart on a kayak trip that will take us along the front of all 13 of Georgia's barrier islands. On this coast, the dominant natural force is the tide. Like a heart pumping blood through the body's vital organs, Georgia's tides pump a tremendous volume of water in and around the barrier island, into the sounds, and the marshlands. Life has adapted to and become dependent on this natural process in ways great and small. For 10 days we shall become a part of that process.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ga Coast Trip Recon Mission

We took to the sky's this afternoon and scouted out the first three islands of our coastal trip coming up in November. We buzzed along empty beaches at 50ft and 100mph on a glorious Fall afternoon. Ossabaw was incredible at 500ft and it's sloughs were chock full of big gators.

As we flushed wild hogs from the marsh it was almost like being in Africa.
Our coastal trip will launch in three weeks and we are very excited about the adventure ahead. Registration has now closed.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Surf & Jam Update.

Excitement for the Paddle Surf Jam on October 24th is growing as spaces fill up.
We already have a decent number of contestants coming from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Delaware. First Timers is the biggest category so far with over 10 newcomers eager to jam. The Sea Kayak class is also getting a lot of interest, but only three signed up for that as yet. We currently have 4 teams for the Doubles event .

New additions to the event are :
* Surf Kayak classes and demos all week prior to the event.
Tiderace Sea Kayak Demos all week prior to, and one day after, the event.

*'Boat check in' is now at 8am with a start time of 9am.

*Lunch will be provided for all contestants.

*The Old Bastards age minimum has been dropped 5 years to 50, to include people who we thought were older bastards than they actually are.

*The new Mega Bullitt X, the first one in the USA, will be on show at the beach.

*Still looking for a couple of judges.

Keep a check on the website Surf Jam page for new updates.

There will be more changes coming so ...keep this frequency clear.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

SC&K Paddler in Top Six at Nationals.

Poor conditions made for a very tough competition at the U.S Waveski National event this weekend. Riders from far and wide came out in force, and the caliber was high with such prominaries as Matthieu Barbarit and Caroline Angibaud, Tyler Lauston , Fletcher Burton and Nick Scoville.

Nick Scoville did you say ?.

Yes, that's right, our very own 'Snakebite' Scoville was in the top six as the 30 competitors were slowly whittled down to crown a nations champ in the art of ski surfing.

Alas, the Surf Gods were not satisfied with $125 entry fee and the comp was cancelled on the first day due to none-rideable conditions.

Friday was gorgeous and kicked up a 1.5 ft swell which tickled pink the organizers with some two footers breaking clean onto the Florida shore. Lunch was cancelled and 20 heats were run.

Short and quick, boards and rides, was the order of the day along with a few cracks, dings and face plants in the sand.

And the crown title goes to....
Mattiue Barbarit...the 5 times world champ from France. Congrats dude.
And very well done to Nick S...showing once again some of the best paddling talent comes from a very small island on the east coast not known for it's great surf....Shhh. say no more !

Full results coming soon.