Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Audubon Outting This Weekend.

Ogeechee Audubon and the Carolina Butterfly Society are co-sponsoring a field trip this Saturday, October 3, to look for birds and butterflies in nearby Jasper County, SC. In the event of rain, the trip will reschedule for Sunday, Oct. 4.
The focus of the trip will be Tillman Sand Ridge Heritage Preserve, a wonderful and rare habitat of long-leaf pine, wiregrass and relict sand dunes. Bob-white quail and Bachman's sparrows love this area, as do many uncommon species of butterflies.
The group will then move on to Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, where the hardwood hammocks scattered amid the fresh water marshes serve as "migrant traps" this time of year to concentrate southbound songbirds.

Our leaders will be Dennis Forsythe and Tim Miller, both accomplished birders and butterfliers.

Bring water, lunch or snacks, sun and insect protection, and binoculars. A field guide and close-focusing binoculars (for butterflies) are also recommended.

Meet at 9:30 AM at the junction of highways 321 and 336 in Tillman, SC, about 14 miles north of Hardeeville, SC. There is a small convenience store at the intersection where the group will assemble. For more information, please contact Tim Miller at 912-429-2700.

On a different, but related note, please click the link below to read an article that makes a persuasive argument on why we should not let our pet cats roam free in our neighborhoods!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Local Paddlers Wed

Congratulations to long time SC&K customers Sarah and Rick who married last evening. Savannah's Telfair Museum served as a beautiful backdrop with it's paintings and sculptures providing grandeur to the event. It was a very sophisticated affair, with accompanying violin and harp ensemble and a veritable who's who of Savannah Arts patrons.
But wait.. is that a kayak cake we see amongst the splendor??
The newlyweds are off to Puerto Rico for some paddling in the bio-luminescent bays. Here's to ya!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Half Off Week Now Over.

Our half price instruction week was met with a lot of positive response, with 15 people taking advantage of the cut price classes. We also had a good time teaching , as it enabled us to try a few new approaches and styles for 'getting the idea across.'
Most takers were signing up for the intro class, and the deal brought in those who may not of otherwise taken instruction.
And for those procrastinator fence sitters as well, this was their motivation.
Our 80' water is going to start cooling off pretty quickly...especially with 15" of rain water runoff heading this way.
We will be offering another cut price session in the winter.
We will also be holding some pool rolling classes and practice sessions.
Keep an eye out for that.

As you can see, students taking the half price classes were not given kayaks. They actually progressed much quicker.

No, not really. Everybody got their own kayak.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Aah, The First Day of Fall.

It feels a lot like Fall.
It smells like Fall.
By Jove, it is Fall !
Happy Fall Y'all

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mess of Canoes at Kanumesse

Kanumesse is the big European paddlesports Industry showcase event. Not open to the public, it is a product platform for new (?) ideas and designs that will be available for next season. It's a chance for the suits to hype up their knaf gimmicks and hang out with some hot birds in need of some instruction.

Fluid have reproduced the Element in a composite layup. Not sure why. It looks a lot like the Wavesport Flyer from 6 years ago. And what the hell is this...>>>

P&H showed off there new double skegged kayak.? Two 'inline ' skegs, one controller.. We will have to ask Ben Lawry about this one..

Some very hot looking PFD's from Palm... the accessory that they just can't quite get right... after all these years ! Why is it so hard to design a suitable, comfortable, practical vest ?
More details coming soon
And of course, this...the sectional SOT...well, about time.

So there you have it. Lots of great new stuff coming our way 2010. Did we mention Stand Up Paddle Boards ?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dirty Ocean - Dirty Coast

Last year, volunteers in 100 countries working with Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup removed seven million pounds of trash and debris in a single day. Most of it was from beaches, riverbanks and lake shores.

As much as 70% of all trash that that goes into the ocean sinks to the bottom.
Of all this trash the most prevalent and damaging is fishing gear. The hand cast nest, hooks and monofilament that we find on a regular basis, either washed ashore or entangling wildlife are Lilliputian compared to the commercial fishing nets and traps abandoned or lost at sea. Some commercial gill nets are several hundred feet high and up to 6 miles long. Pacific trawl nets can easily swallow up a Boeing 747. 'Ghost Fishing' as it is know, is becoming an increasing concern for all our oceans.
In crabbing and lobstering regions, the presence of abandoned pots is a deepening concern. In the Gulf of Mexico 250,00 pots get lost a year and derelict traps claim between 4-10 million blue crabs each year in Louisiana.
An estimated 20-30 % of all New England lobster pots are lost each year.

To find out more about what you can do to help and to get involved in the 2009 International Coastal Cleanup
this weekend visit http://www.oceanconservancy.org/

Stats and info from The Ocean Conservancy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Instruction Week

For our customers..

As a big thank you to all our customers for making it a great summer season, we would like to offer a week of half price classes. L1-4 for Sea Kayak, Surf Kayak, SOT, and Canoe. Call to reserve a spot. First come first serve.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Long Boat by Stanley Kunitz

When his boat snapped loose
from its mooring, under
the screaking of the gulls,
he tried at first to wave
to his dear ones on shore,
but in the rolling fog
they had already lost their faces.
Too tired even to choose
between jumping and calling,
somehow he felt absolved and free
of his burdens, those mottoes
stamped on his name-tag:
conscience, ambition, and all
that caring.
He was content to lie down
with the family ghosts
in the slop of his cradle,
buffeted by the storm,
endlessly drifting.
Peace! Peace!
To be rocked by the Infinite!
As if it didn't matter
which way was home;
as if he didn't know
he loved the earth so much
he wanted to stay forever.

Paddle Surf Jam- Oct 24

The event will take place on the south side of Tybee Pier. Exact location tbd.
Meet at The Strand parking lot at 7 am for check in and boat inspection. There is also a ESA stand up surf comp going on so make sure you stand in the right queue. Surfing will start at 8am and go until about 3pm. There will be an award ceremony at Hucapoos along with some paddle surfing big screen entertainment on the deck. @ approx 7.30pm.
Sign up now.
Catagories are:
First Timer
Sea Kayak
HP men and women
IC men and women
Young guns
Old Bastards


Monday, September 14, 2009

Audubon Meeting .

Please join Ogeechee Audubon at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, September 15 for a program about Georgia's Important Bird Areas (IBAs).

The IBA program is an international effort to identify and protect areas and habitats that are critical breeding and/or feeding sites for birds. National Audubon and its local chapters are central to this effort in the United States.

Georgia currently has identified 44 IBAs; 12 of them are right here on the Georgia Coast. On Tuesday, our speaker will be Charlie Muise, IBA Coordinator for the entire state. He will give us some important insights on how ordinary citizens who care about bird conservation can help the IBA program to achieve its goals.

The program is free and open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend or neighbor. We will meet at our new, temporary location in the First Presbyterian Church at 520 E. Washington St. in Savannah.

Hope to see you there.
Dot Bambach
Vice President,
Ogeechee Audubon Society

Flint River Camp & Paddle

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Instructor Speak

With warm waters and great waves, Tybee in the fall is one of the best places in the U.S. to increase one's paddling skill level.
With the coming of the Tybee Kayak Symposium, there will be many 'highly qualified instructors ' teaching a wide array of techniques and styles.
So, as we come into the 'Instruction Season', we thought we would have a closer look at some commonly used phrases and abbreviations of the top coaches.. and their real meaning. Here are just a few...

"Generally" - I'm the only person who believes this.

"Basically" - This is going to get complicated.

"I think that " - Nobody else agrees with me.

"In my honest opinion" - I don't believe a word of this.

"Simply put" - Everything before was a load of waffle.

"The point I'm trying to make" - No one is listening to me.

"In the not too distant future " - It's never going to happen.

"Wow, fantastic " - Finally!

VP - Visual pollution - Rec style kayaks

DOA - Drunk on arrival

FLK - Funny looking kid

NQR - Not quite right

F&C - Fish and Chips

FAC - Fancy a Cuppa?

And some commom English to American translations..
Loo, lav or bog = Bathroom
Spend a Penny = Go to the bathroom
Shagged Out = Worn out
Cream Crackered = Knackered = Worn out
Rubber = Eraser
Randy = Horny
Torch = Flashlight
Queue = Line
Holiday = Vacation
Water bottle = Hydration System
Arse = Fanny
Fanny, front bottom = Well, you know..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Season Up & Running.

All classes, except rolling, are half price from Monday Sept 21 to Friday Sept 25th.
This includes all surf kayaking and sea kayaking levels. So, come on...lets get prepped and ready for some great winter paddles.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Summer Season Ends with a Bang & a Fire.

A very busy Labour Day weekend marked the end of a fantastic summer season here at SC&K. "Its been 100 days of 'balls to wall' paddling on the Ga waterways. We have had a fun summer." said a representative not authorized to speak.
"Sunday was a boating frenzy of all shapes and sizes and the usual stuff was left behind on Little Tybee. Grills, tables, chairs, bear cans and other 'Use it and Leave it' camping paraphernalia now sits on Bucks Beach."
Not content with just leaving behind their crap, one Little Tybee visitor manged to burn down two acres of maritime forest on Myrtle Hammock.
Tybee officials requested help from Chatham County who directed the Mosquito Control helicopter to douse the fire. For about an hour the helicopter scooped up 120 gallons at a time and brought the fire under control.
Hopefully charges are pending.
The '09 Fall season will begin in ernest tomorrow.
Dont forget that September 21st to the 25th is Instruction Week with half price classes.

The Moore Family and friends jamming the Narrows...Skidaway. Labour Day weekend

Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Posting has been Retracted.

Due to a negative after taste the posting 'Give us a Break' has been deleted.
Those responsible have been sternly reprimanded and discharged of their responsibilities.
SC&K supports all and any paddling and outdoor activities that exercise, educate and enhance the human spirit, regardless marketing strategies and over commercialisation by capatalist exploitationists.
Normal operating procedures will resume shortly.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tybee Island Paddle Surf Jam

Event details are formulating nicely. Contestants are signing up.
We are strongly recommending that newcomers and lo
cals take part in this 'fun of a kind' surf jam.
Entry is $50 and covers ACA event membership, a hat, and raffle ticket.

Pre-registration is mandatory. No walk ups.
Sign in and boat check is at 7am Saturday @ 18th St Beach access.
Sunday October 25th will be the rain date.

Here is a run down of the divisions and rules:
All competitors must sign a waiver, wear a life jacket and helmet, and have suitable floatation in their boat. All boats must be named.
First Timers. Any surfable, seaworthy kayak under 11ft in length. Any age, any gender. Must not have competed in a surf kayak contest before April '09.
High Performance - Men. Any Surf Kayak or Ski under 9ft in length which meets WSKA guidelines. Any age. Points will be awarded and count towards US Team trials for the 2011 World Championships to be held in The Outerbanks.
High Performance - Women. As above, but for the ladies.
International Class - Men. Any Surf Kayak or Ski of 3 meters meeting the WSKA rules and guidelines. Any age.
International Class - Women. As above, but for the ladies.
Young Guns. Under 21's. Any kayak under 11ft.
Inbetweenies. Between 21 and 55. Any sea worthy kayak under 11ft.
Old Bastards. Over 55 and any kayak under 11ft.
Tandem. Teams of two. Kayaks supplied.
Sea Kayak. Any sea worthy sea kayak over 15ft. Any age.

Registration is $50. Each participant may take part in up to 4 divisions.
If you sign up for only one division, you will surf at least twice.
Heats will be 15 or 20 minutes long (to be decided).
Surfers will be judged for style and flair, best use of the wave, wave selection, take off and end moves.

Prizes and trophies will be awarded at the beach at 3pm.
We hope to get Joeys Surf Movie "Interference" to show in the evening at Huckapoo's.

This is an ESKA sanctioned event. A big thanks to Joey Hall.