Saturday, December 20, 2008

Green Things - Water Bottle Winners just in.

It doesn't matter if you are going greener because of the recession, fashion, peer pressure or guilt. Ultimately, the real reason is due to a collective awakened consciousness that will now require the constant food of higher thought.
Thanks to all those who wrote in with their 'easy to apply' greener ways.
Here are the top five winners for a re-usable water bottle.

5/ Millie - "For 25 cents a gallon, I can fill an old milk jug with filtered water at Publix"
4/ Randy- " We take our own grocery bags to every store"
3/ Jill- " I dumped my boyfriend because he didn't own a bicycle"
4/ Brad- " I think about re-using and repairing more than re-cycling"
5/ Frank- " As you said, the best things in life are not 'things'. So I have nixed your Christmas present"

Peace on earth - may all beings be happy.

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