Monday, May 10, 2010

Citizens Get Wave Ski Back

After several sightings yesterday on Tybee Island, Anna was reunited with her wave ski, which was stolen from her home six weeks ago.

Mike R of Saltwood Paddles was leaving the island after the Sunday morning surf session (conditions were poor due to strong NW winds). On the causeway, he saw the distinctive kayak strapped to a roof racing past him towards the beach. He called it in to Anna. Then, moments later, Ronnie K at SKG saw the same car pass by. He jumped in his truck and gave chase, but lost the perpetrator in downtown Tybee. By this time Anna was out scouting the south end and soon came across the car and wave ski parked outside the Chapel by the Sea. The cops were called and the suspect vehicle was surrounded. The Ski was retrieved without a struggle.

We reported in late March on the theft of the surf kayak. A few weeks later, we received a tip off from a customer, Joseph H, that he saw the board in Play It Again Sports! Unfortunately the board was sold just before Anna could get there. Play it Again were at first helpful, but would not reveal to whom they sold it. They paid the desperate junky thief and his girlfriend $100 for the kayak and then re-sold it for $400. PIAS told the Police that they sold the kayak for cash and had no way of tracing the buyer. As it turned out, the buyer was a cop and he paid with a debit card.

So there you have it... a sad story of unfortunates casting a whole lot of bad vibes in the world.'s up and the waters are a balmy 72'.
Thanks to the keen-eyed kayak community for getting this one back!

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