Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Times & Waves at Surf Nationals

A long journey, but well worth it to partake in the first US Nationals on the East coast in over 10 years.
After a 10 hr trip that included two ferry rides we arrived at the location for the 2011 World Championships...under the Lighthouse on Cape Hatteras.
Air Temps for the weekend were in the high 70's and water temps must of been high 60's. Winds were light. Wave conditions were excellent as the 3 ft swell kicked up a steady 4-5 ft break. The largest wave of the weekend was probably 8-10ft and was caught by Garazi Iturralde from Basque Country.
The standard of surfing was very high though-out all categories and most US regions
were represented. The West Coast contingent was strong and took home a bunch of medals. Great Lakes surfers were well represented by John Tarbell who also took his place on a few podiums. The Basque team, led by Edu Exteberria, put on a great display though out the weekend and were a great inspiration and fun to watch.
Mega boats were in good attendance across the board, particularly the Mega Bullitt S
And congratulations to Anthony Bell, the well deserved new US Champion in both HP and IC. And to the US Womens Long Boat Champion, Linsey Usher.

US World Championships will be hosted by Eska at this same location sometime between the Sept 28 and Oct 10, 2011.
All the results here on ESKA site
We will be putting up a short video of the event soon.

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