Friday, December 24, 2010

Ganges Kayak Trip Featured in Galactic Chronicles

A celebration of life, death and paddling on the third side of the world.
The planets were truly aligned for the dynamic paddling duo, Mr & Mrs Law of Savannah Canoe and Kayak, when they headed to India on unofficial kayak business.
"We sailed through a barrage of obstacles to get our two man collapsible kayak to the other side of the world".
The destination was a 220 mile section on River Ganges where it flows across the Gangetic plane. The river is the most polluted waterway in the world and the section from Kanpur to Varanassi is the most polluted part of the Ganga.
It is also the most holy.
The couple spent a month in the sub continent. The first week was for cultural acclimation and river scouting in the foothills of the Himalayas.
Week two and three was spent on the river, while the last week was for shopping.
Of course, the best part was the kayaking.
"We were surrounded by death and filth in the most densely populated part of planet earth. It was fascinating and just what we needed".
Aside from some very heavy metal pollutants, there is an abundance untreated human sewage and dead bodies. In terms of water quality, this river is as nasty as it gets.
"There is no doubt we were very fortunate on the whole trip with not so much as a loose stool or missed connection. It was as if the Lord God Shiva himself layed waste to the foes, demons, and bacterial evil spirits against adventure travellers", said lead guide, Mr Nigel Law.

Here are a few slides from the trip.
There will be a video, photos and more stories coming soon. hari Ganga !

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What a beautiful trip Nigel... congratulations and have a GREAT 2011 ;)

David H. said...

Wow, sounds like a great trip! The photos are amazing.

David Johnston