Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stellar Kayak Demo- Sunday at Despositos

We have a small trailer load of kayaks from new kayak manufacturer Stellar, which we will be test paddling tomorrow at Thunderbolt, Jan 30th.

From the Stellar website....
Stellar Kayaks was conceived in 2008 by a Global team, bringing the latest design and manufacturing techniques together. Working in tandem with world renowned rowing manufacturer, WinTech Racing, Stellar produces highly engineered, durable, yet affordable boats and paddles.

If you are interested in coming down and giving us some feedback on the three models we have, we would be very appreciative. One is a surf ski (pictured) and two are sea kayaks.
Demo starts at 10am at Despositos. Dress warm. Bring your kit.

The surf ski in the picture above sells for $1800, in the basic layup.
Worth a closer look we think.

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