Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best Little Race in the South

Yes, it's that time of year again...Saturday June 4th is Race Day.
There are actually 4 races for this fund raising event for the Tybee Marine Center. Three races are flat water river races, but perhaps the most infamous is the LTC.
The Little Tybee Challenge is on the starting block and it is a race unlike most others.

The course does has the usual accoutrement's of any race track.
There are hair-pin bends and long straights, but there are also wrong turns, tidal currents and breaking waves. Any sea worthy paddling craft is allowed to enter, Sea Kayaks, Surf Skis or SOT's and you can even strike a sail. No one particular design has an advantage over another and it is generally the conditions of the day that are a large factor in the outcome. In fact, The only thing more fun than racing is running safety boat on the front side.

So, it's Time to start thinking about the your strategy for winning or even better... just completing the Little Tybee Challenge Kayak Race. You'll be glad you did and you'll get the classic 'Flying Albatross' T shirt to prove it.
(Open water skills and a sea worthy kayak are a requirement)

Oh, and did we mention you may even take home a kayak, paddle and pfd !
Tons of prizes are always up for grabs.

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