Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outdoor News This Week

Starting out as a dream on the banks of Western North Carolina’s Green River Narrows in 1999, Liquid Logic Kayaks
will soon be available on the show room floor at SC+K.
As well as making the most comfortable seat ever in a kayak, these dudes are full of innovation. Their SUP board, the Versa, paddles from a sitting position ! Awesome...finally, we can paddle stand up sitting down !
And how long have we been paddling Valley Kayaks ?
Finally, finally... Valley Kayaks are coming to SC+K...ORSM.
Stay tuned for more on this.

The new rage sweeping the US currently are Flash Robs.
Rather than putting on a well planned, spontaneous show of song and dance,
the crooked thinking douche bags are meeting en mass at the Patagonia/North Face store and doing a 'grab and go' en mass.
Although this act is nothing new in the UK, where they call it 'steaming', the use of texting and social media (anti-social media) to facilitate the robberies is.

Vibram 5 Fingers have been banned by the US Army. Apparently it was becoming a little embarrassing for the world's most well equipped military force to be training in 'monkey shoes'. No shit !

And finally. SPOT connect, the personal satellite location electronics Co are upgrading their system with 24 new satellites.
You will be able to download an App and use your cell phone as a satellite phone, and update your facebook page from any where in the world.
'Day 73-mid ocean. Kippers for breakfast.'
And the old 24 satellites...well, they will be pushed into a higher earth orbit and become space junk..out of sight, out of mind.
Unlike this.
When the ice caps melt, will you know what your 'friends' had for breakfast ?

Keep it real, boys and girls.

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