Thursday, December 1, 2011

US Outdoor Participation Report 2011

From a report by the Outdoor Foundation (?) based in Boulder CO.
50% of Americans aged six and over participated in outdoor recreation in 2010..almost the same as in 2009.
Running,including jogging and trail running was the most popular outdoor activity in 2010 with over 50 million participants.
In 2010...
74% of outdoor participants were caucasion.
61% are married.
66% are over 25.
Various forms of racing gained popularity with outdoor participants. 64% growth in Triathlons. Non traditional triathlons grew by 39% and adventure racing grew by 23%
Water sports also saw a lot of growth.
Windsurfing and boardsailing grew by 46%.(?)
Whitewater kayaking grew by 35%
And Sea Kayaking grew by 21%
Scuba diving increased 16% and surfing increased by 15%.
The level of outdoor participation in areas where there are bike and walking trails is higher than areas with out easy access.
(You don't say !)
88% of bikers participate in more than one outdoor activity.
African Americans have the lowest overall outdoor participation rate.

Percentage of First Time Participants in outdoor activities. Stand Up Paddling - nearly 40%
Surfing - nearly 25%
Recreational Kayaking - nearly 23%
Canoeing - 18%
Fishing - 8%

Anyway..that's the situation with outdoor rec.
Half do, half don't.

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