Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

We are getting very excited about the coming season and the way things are shaping up at the shop.
We have a talented and knowledgable crew that we stand behind 100%, combined with a great location that never gets old. The Georgia Coast holds it's appeal to us more and more each year, as we continue to delve deeper into it's many layers and characters.
On top of some great trips and instructors, we are stoked about the diversity of the kayaks in our showroom. We are excited to be able to take anyone's idea of paddling and turn it into a reality they never dreamed of. We feel we have the ability to do this because of the great diversity of people whose paths we have crossed through our 12 years and many hundreds of kayak adventures here.
We have built a great relationship with many of these people, our customers, as they have come back with friends and family members time and time again...and they have become our friends as well. We know what is good in the kayak world, and we know what people need to get the most out of the low country. We have made it our goal to service the people first and the kayak business second.
So what's new and cool in the store?
Well, we now carry Liquid Logic kayaks...the comfiest kayaks on the water by far. We are particularly impressed by the Inuit series, ideal for light touring and local day tripping. With a suspended seat, the Marvel series are great river boats and ideal for afternoon cocktails in the marsh. As well as comfy seating, LL make the only sit-down stand up board, which actually makes sense to us, particularly for fishing.
For a great fishing Sit On Top, the Moken from Feel Free is a great package with cool design features.
We have a sea kayak designed primarily for rolling, the traditionally styled Tahe Greenland.
We pleased to carry a line of kayaks for fitness and efficiency..Stellar Kayak..lightweight composite boats at a very affordable price.
We have a sea kayak designed for surfing... The P&H Delphin, the boat that is taking the west coast by storm. We will also be using Delphins in our sea kayak surfing programs. And, of course, we are known nationally for carrying the hottest surf kayaks in the world...Mega.
So, as our barmy winter turns into a balmy spring please stop by the shop, and as the sign on the threshold says, there could be a change of priorities ahead.

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