Sunday, August 26, 2012

Demo + Used Boats on Sale

Here is our list of demo and used boats currently on sale at the shop. For a closer look, please stop by.

Mega Neutron HDP. Excellent condition.One careful owner. Lightly used. Larger guy's surf kayak. Comes complete with float bags, fins, footblocks, heal hole and'll be surfing by sundown. Great deal..$750.

Bic Yakka 120
Brand new, discontinued 'clam shell' collapsible kayak. Ideal for downtown apartment or RVing. Hard bottom, inflatable top. As new - $525

Merrimack Canoe- Green
Beautiful handmade canoe with ash gunwales. Wood, carbon and kevlar hull. Weighs in at 58lbs. Very good condition. $1350.

Valley Avocet. Blue over white.
Great sea and surfing kayak for the smaller paddler. Very good condition, with deck compass. $1650.

Stellar S14. Sport Layup. Yellow over white
Shop Demo model. Almost brand new, perfect condition. Very fast, lightweight touring kayak with two bulkheads and hatches. Skeg. $1330.

Mega Xray. Mustard Yellow.
One of the best HDP models made by Mega International. Ideal for the small to medium sized surfer. This one is brand new and ready to rip. $750.

Mega Short R's. Kawasaki Green. Brand new. Short by name, kick your ass by nature. Needs a set of thigh braces. Very fast stunt boat ideal for kamikazi ww paddler living on the coast. $1300.

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