Thursday, December 13, 2012

Surf Kayak Instructors Wanted

We are kicking off our 10th year and 11th season in business with this fun weekend program!

Surf Kayak Instructor Workshop.
February 8, 9 + 10, 2013.

Jacksonville, FL.
While camped beneath the oaks of Little Talbot State Park, this workshop will cover everything the aspiring surf instructor needs to conduct a safe and fun class in the zone. This is a 'short boat' surf class and not for sea kayaks or other large unweildy kayaks unsuitable for beach breaks and crowded surf zones.
The Instructor Certification Workshop is designed for current ACA instructors, but the course will also be run as a Instructor Development Workshop for future aspirant coaches. All participants must be ACA members and Red Cross/CPR certified.

Day One : Covers a 'teaching and learning styles' refresher for the progressive teacher, as well as a flatwater strokes primer.
Day Two : Intro to the Surf - Safety and Etiquette for the novice paddler on SOT. Practical progression from flat to fast. (L2)
Day Three : L3 Intro to Surf - Nuts and Bolts moves and personal skills evaluation.
Yes, there will be some surfing.

Instructors will be scored on:
- Personal and group safety.
- The ability to relay information in a concise and interesting manner.
- Enthusiasm and personality.
- Knowledge of the sport.
- Knowledge of the ACA.
- Personal skills and personel skills.
- Operating an ACA surf kayak class within the designated remit.

Cost: $350.

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