Thursday, March 21, 2013

Surf's Up, Sprouts!

   Surf Sprouts, April 14th Training Day & Camp; 2 Sessions in June Now Available!!   
     Sprouts, grab your paddles and let's dig in as we get ready to catch some waves and start shredding some surf! This paddling activity best suited for ages 12-16 yrs, will focus on paddling safely and efficiently in the surf with a major emphasis on fun. Sprouts will learn the fundamentals of kayak surfing technique, proper equipment, surf zone safety and etiquette, how to choose proper surf, and essential techniques of wave riding. Prepare to get wet and learn to love a good wipe-out. Sprouts will spring forward with improved paddling skills and confidence after our super-charged two-day camp. Also, for those students who just can't wait for camp to start, we'll have a mid-April warm-up surf session. All levels of experience are welcome, but good attitudes are required. Better eat your fruit-loops before surf day, because you're going to need 'em! April 14th is Practice Day, and Surf Sprouts camp will take place Mon. & Tues., June 3rd & 4th, and again on Wed. and Thurs. June 19 & 20. Call today to sign up, (912) 341-9502. The cost for each day is $60 per student.

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