Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Tiderace kayaks are in!

If you've been interested in trying out any of the new Tiderace kayaks, now's the time. Savannah Canoe & Kayak has some new and demo models currently in stock. Whether you're looking for optimal touring, ocean play, or maximum paddling speed, a Tiderace kayak may be the boat to help you achieve your optimal paddling performance.
As leaders in the field of composite sea kayak construction and design, using their Tiderace Core Technology (TCT) to employ the optimal combination of weight and stiffness, Tiderace's boats are extremely durable in their construction and innovative in their design. Whatever design or performance characteristics you're looking for, Tiderace has got a boat to fit your needs. Which hull series will you choose; touring, play, or speed?

Xplore S

Boats that are currently in stock include:
Xcite S                  Classic lay-up
Xcape X                Intro lay-up
Xplore S                G-Core & Carbon
Xplore X               Classic lay-up
Xplore M              G-Core lay-up

*Also, in February SC&K will be expecting the arrival of an Xtra HV and Tiderace's new Polyethelene Play/Tour boat, the Vortex.

Xplore M

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