Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Free to a Good Home!

A friend of one of our customers passed away in the middle of building this 17 ft. wood strip sea kayak made from pine, oak, and walnut.  It is still needs a lot of work, but what is completed is beautifully crafted:
  The hull and deck are close to completed, though they were removed from the form before the outside was glassed, so some creativity will be needed in joining them.
 Because of some splitting when it was moved the underside of the deck around the cockpit was lined with a rough putty, which needs to be sanded down

The cockpit needs to be shaped and framed

The outside of the deck and hull are sanded, but the insides still need to be

Then of course the whole thing needs to be glassed.

The owners are looking for someone to finish and keep the kayak.  And because Matt really loved it, and put so much into, they want to be sure that whoever takes it will actually follow through on finishing it and will enjoy it as much as he did. There are no plans for it, so it will require a woodworker with some confidence and creativity.  It has been stored in a heated/cooled garage for the last two years, so it’s in great shape, with minimal warping.


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