Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer - Used and Consignment Boats For Sale

Old Town Disco 169.
The first canoe you ever threw off the roof of your apartment.
Robust river tripper ready for a one way adventure into obscurity. $375.

Perception Mr Clean.
Once upon a time... oh brother. Cart wheel yourself into a stupor. Great surf boat...not. $175.

Valley Nordkapp HM.
"The kayak we now refer to as the ‘Classic ’features the ocean cockpit and a round front hatch. Two options are available: standard hulled (the old HS) and the integral skeged/hard sterned model (HM). Both are cult classics.' $500

Stellar S12
Advantage model S 12 in excellent shape...lightly used, very light, stable and nippy.
Excellent booze cruiser. $1450.

Stellar S16.
We have a couple S16s for sale. All in great shape.
Sport model in orange for $1350. Advantage model for $1700.

Valley Pintail.
Carbon Kevlar with foot pump. Great condition.
Another bloody classic. $1700.


Mega Boost.
Carbon Kevlar Xtech Boost in gunmetal grey.
Excellent condition, as good as new.$1600

Olym-Sport OC1
Outrigger Canoe. Great condition. 21ft by 16".
This ocean speed boat catches the smallest of bumps and feels like paradise.$1500.

Wenonah Advantage
Fast solo tripping canoe. 2014' Brand new, never been in the briney. With custom bag. $1800.

Mega Phantom.
S-lite. High performance HP surf kayak. Good condition. With GoPro camera. Get thrashed and share.$1400.

Impex Outer Island.
Greenland style rolling kayak. Great condition. Easy as rolling out of bed.$1750

Mega Bullitt S and X.
B-S is brand new standard model, damaged in shipping, repaired. Never been in the water. $1600.
B-X is used, in good condition. No breaks or repairs. Comes with skirt, airbags, fins and custom travel bag. $1400.

Mega Bullitt X
Xtech model. Comes with fins, float bags and Saltwood paddle. Very good condition.$1800.


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