Monday, May 19, 2008

2nd Place Win - But Small Turn Out.

Straight after teaching a surf kayak class on Tybee in great surf, myself and Dr Kamikazi drove the six hours to Surf City, N.C. Fewer people than we expected and small surf did not dampen our excitment and enthusiasm for our first taste of competition surfing.

You are up against the clock and wave selection is key....all the more harder when the waves are small. I surfed in three heats and came second in my age group for HP. I got the low down from Paula, Gordon and Joey about putting together a comp for Tybee and Colm, as the only beginner walked away with a $500 g.c for a new wave ski.

We will be at Charleston on the 18th October and the Tybee comp will be first weekend of November. We will be encouraging first timers and beginners to take part and hope to be offering a surf kayak and other great prizes.

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