Thursday, May 22, 2008

Breakfast Meeting Heralds 100 Days of Summer

With Memorial weekend coming up, Tybee will once again succumb to the ever increasing madness and mayhem of summer. And with fewer parking spaces, more people and hotter temps the sleepy beach side community promises to be in a state of heightened agitation. The Back River parking situation has got off to a bad start with little regard to the 'turn around' and Ally3 residents private property. The BR beach has also increased in popularity both with beach goers and fishermen.

There are a few tricks to dealing with the next 100 days both on and off the water...
1/ Move slower.
2/ Avoid very red people.
3/ Assume all power boats are under the influence of alcohol.
4/ Maintain civility and good manners at all times.
5/ At the weekend -Do outdoor activities early Sunday mornings.
6/ Avoid Tybee on Saturdays.
7/ Smile a lot and embrace the madness.

See you out there.

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