Friday, June 13, 2008

Sea Sprouts Play Hard

Kid's do float !
Seven kids and two mums made up the Sea Sprouts kayak sessions this week. Over two days the Sprouts learnt to handle a variety of paddle craft including sea kayaks, whitewater kayaks and SOT's. Of course, it did not really matter what the boat, just as long as it floated. On the first day we practiced Scene safety, basic rescue techniques and driving lessons on the Skid away Narrows. 'How to rescue my best friend' was the favourite game.
On Wednesday we put it all together and went on an adventure over to Little Tybee to explore the tide pools and creeks. Everyone decided it was "Excellent fun" and "the best kayaking I have ever done."
When youngsters get turned on to paddling it's a very successful and satisfying program.
Hey Nigel!
Thanks for a SUPER time at Sea Sprouts. :0) We had a great time and the kids took home not only lessons in
kayaking but fun summer memories.
We'll be in touch for more adventures.

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