Friday, November 7, 2008

Nigel - First Certified 'IT' for new ACA Surf Program

Report by N.Law

It's an 8 hour drive from Savannah to the place they call Virginia Beach. And to think that just 70 years ago there was but a few old beach houses scattered through-out the miles and miles of dunes. Not any more !. I checked into the seventh floor of Best Western, one of the smaller , shorter hotels along the sea front, now end to end with high rise.
It reminded me of Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio De Janiero.
But I was not in town for Carnival.
This was business with the purpose to complete my Instructor Trainer Certification. It was also the first official launch of the new ACA Surf Program.
The first day was flat as a pancake, which was o.k as we get to do little surfing on this day.
For day two and three the shore break kicked in and really made the weekend worthwhile.
Demonstration's did not always go as planned and students received hard and constant beat downs during the many launching's for practice and demo sessions. But that is all part of the fun, especially if you are the one watching from the beach.
At the end of the weekend we certified three Sit on Top Instructors (L2), One SOT Instructor Trainer and one L3 Instructor Trainer.
Ben Lawry was upgraded to Instructor Trainer Educator

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