Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tybee Paddlers Sweep Folly Comp

Yes, the Tybee surf crew won all major categories at the Folly comp the other weekend.
Alas, they did not bring home the Surf Kayak that was given away by Mega.

That prize went to Deb Mitchum of Charleston. She was thrilled and immediately launched the boat for a quick test paddle. The weather did not keep away the many spectators who gathered on the beach to watch the event in small but clean surf with a light drizzle.

2008 Folly Beach Surf Kayak Competition Results:

HP Expert Men:
1st: Nigel Law
2nd: Colm Acuff
3rd: Brent Fields

HP Expert Women:
1st: Cathy Ey
2nd: Deb Mitchum

HP Jr’s.:
1st: Will Rudisill

Open (Co-Ed):
1st: Nick Scoville
2nd: Colm Acuff
3rd: Ben Stone

HP Masters
1st: Nigel Law
2nd: Brent Fields
3rd: Cathy Ey

K-1 Int/Beg. Men
1st: Zachary Hughes
2nd: Kevin Hughes
3rd: Nigel Law

IC Masters:
1st: Brent Fields
2nd: Deb Mitchum

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