Tuesday, January 27, 2009

10 Things to Know or Not

1. In camel racing the jockeys are electronic robots.
2. Barack Obama's chief speechwriter is 27 years old.
3. Indonesia is the world's largest exporter of edible frogs.
4. The fast food that generates the most litter is McDonald's.
5. An intense ketamine high gives an out-of-body-experience known to recreational users of the horse tranquiliser as the "K-hole".
6. John the Good was bad and William the Bad was good.
7. Darwin, Australia was bombed 64 times by the Japanese during World War II
8. In Britain it is illegal to kill a bat or disturb the places where they roost.
9. Using both hands to read Braille achieves an average speed of 115 words per minute, compared with 250 words per minute for sighted reading.
1o. The age at which we are most vulnerable to depression is 44, while a 70-year-old who is physically fit is, on average, as happy and mentally healthy as a 20-year-old.

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