Saturday, January 24, 2009

Changing the Subject...

What creature will be featured on Georgia’s next
wildlife conservation license plate?

You decide. Early this year, the Wildlife Resources Division will present five designs for a new nongame wildlife plate on The separate designs will include a green treefrog, a right whale, a red-headed woodpecker, an owl (species to be decided) or an eastern indigo snake. These are animals and settings that represent what Wildlife Resources’ Nongame Conservation Section does – work to conserve wildlife, rare plants and natural habitats. The top tag design will grace the vehicles of conservation-minded Georgians as early as spring, joining the hummingbird and bald eagle plates as critical fundraisers for the Nongame Conservation Section.
Here’s where you come in. Check starting in mid-January for a survey showcasing the new plate designs. Review the designs. Pick the ones you like. Then tell your friends to do the same. Remember, $22 of the one-time $25 fee for the purchase of each plate goes to Georgia’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund. Wildlife plates are the fund’s top source. Tag sales made up two-thirds of the money raised in fiscal 2004-2007. By matching grants and supporting projects, the fund is used to conserve animals not hunted, fished for or trapped, as well as native plants and habitats. The Nongame Section receives no state appropriations for this mission. Your support is vital. Your vote on the new plate is needed.

With sales of the bald eagle and hummingbird plates gradually decreasing – not unexpected considering the older designs and rising number of advocacy plates – “We thought it was time … to have a fresh look for the plates that support our section,” nongame Assistant Chief Lisa Weinstein said.
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