Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Boat that Wouldn't Roll

I'm not sure where Nick came from, but he has been a great addition to the SC&K team over the last few years. There are no boats that Nick does not look completely at home in.. whether it be whitewater, wave ski, sprint boat, or sea kayak. He is a paddler through and through. As a guide and instructor, he knows when to talk, when to shut up, and has a good mix of humour and seriousness. His knowledge of the marine environment makes him an asset to this community. In September Nick is moving to Sapelo Island. He will be working through UGA where, we are glad to say, he will continue his involvement with the study and research of the GA Coast.

So, it was completely in character earlier this year when Nick made a surf kayak that just would not roll. Is there a kayak out there that does not roll? Yes... and Nick Scoville built it. The only time you will see Nick swimming with a paddle in his hand is when he takes out 'The Moose'.
"It does everything else pretty well." said the ever optimistic Mr Scoville.

Above. Kristin checks out the Moose. Notice the matching sunscreen

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