Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tiderace Kayaks-Now Available Outside NYC

After prolonged bouts of Omming and Arghing, our first batch of Tiderace Sea Kayaks are now sitting pretty at Savannah Canoe and Kayak.

"It was a 1600 mile boat pick-up unlike any other. Our window of opportunity was a narrow one, as we were looking for a quick turn around. We left Savannah at 10am Saturday and arrived in downtown Manhattan at 2pm that night. It was going off. High heels and mini skirts were the dress code for the Bladerunneresque scene we drove into. Torrential rain on Sunday put our loading schedule back a day, but also allowed time for some free kayaking on the Hudson River along with some used book store browsing in 'The Village'. By 10.30 Monday morning we were cruising along the Jersey Turnpike with 24 G's of hot Yak heading for the south."

Thanks to all our Tiderace customers for their well wishes as the trip was, for the most part, karma free.

This addition of the Tiderace line now gives SC+K the finest selection of 'in-stock' surfing kayaks in the USA. Call to schedule a Tiderace or Mega demo, or just come over and 'have a seat'.


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