Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Wish List

All I want for Christmas is..

5/ Woolly Undies. Traditionally worn at sea, wool has been given a 21st century make over by the likes of Ibex, Icebreaker and Patagonia. Providing a great warmth to weight ratio, highly wicking and odour free it makes for a great base layer. Downside is it's not very hard wearing and the moths still love it. Check out the Ibex Runner shorts for men or women.

4/ 5 Star Surf Kayak Certification. After pursuing this award for three years, we now realise it ain't gonna happen. Since it's re-vamp several years ago, the BCU is still in a pickle and in our opinion, a non-starter in the U.S.
Now that the Brits have realised that a canoe is not a kayak, they are feverishly pushing that genre of the sport. Our advice... for kayaking, train in Britain and get certified in the U.S.
For canoeing, with Bob Foote and Karen Knight here, why go anywhere else?
And for surf... who the hell needs a 5 star when you have Santa Cruz?

3/ Tiderace Xplore s in Carbon It's fast, it's hot and it's black and it costs a mere $5050.
Tiderace continues to improve and advance the kayak construction business with well made, up to the minute techniques and design features. Aled Williams, the conceptualizer of Tiderace, is on a mission to produce the best open water sea kayak available on the market to date. Alas, his own carbon Xcite was stolen from his back yard earlier this year.
If the price tag is a little high, why not go for the new Xtec Mega Boost. Weighing in at just under 20lbs you'll be carrying this sucker around town as a fashion accessory.

2/ 10 Day Spiritual retreat in India followed by two weeks R&R on the beach in Goa. This ain't gonna happen either, not this year. More likely, a work weekend at the Vipassana Center in Jessup followed by an afternoon canoe trip to Little Tybee.

1/ A new pair of back legs for Joey. He's been on the kayak scene for nearly ten years, has appeared in several kayak videos, the latest of which was Eastern Horizons, and he gets more well wishes than anybody else at SC&K. Joey the Boxer was rescued from a life of neglect and suffering, and has been a constant source of joy and entertainment ever since. In this last year he has showed quite quickly the signs of old age, most notably his wobbly hind quarters.
He is currently undergoing extensive acupuncture treatments and extra ham slices.

Merry Christmas to everybody. May all of your dreams be realized, may all beings be happy, may all beings be liberated.

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