Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanks for Your Donations.

Thanks to the kind support and generosity of our customers we were able to pass on to Dan Lockwood over $1200 worth of paddling gear and cash.
Dan L, an annual competitor in the Everglades Challenge lost almost everything when fire swept through his Tybee residence while he was out paddling on Little Tybee. Dan had an eclectic collection of adventure kayaks and sailing canoes which he used in many locations around the planet. Dan gave a lecture here last year on his paddling and travelling philosophy. Only a week prior to the devastating blaze, Dan was the Time Keeper at our kayak surfing competition...Tybee Surf + Jam.
We asked Dan what he needed most and he said "paddling gear".
As well as a few sizable cash donations, we received Life jackets, spray skirts and paddle clothing.
Dan is currently staying at Jim F's place on Tybee while he looks for a new place to live.
A big 'Thanks' from Dan and us to the paddling community for your support when it's needed most.

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