Monday, February 8, 2010

Dr Dude Back from Haiti

Savannah surf paddle team member Colm Acuff has just returned from a rather intense week in Haiti. The ER doctor from Memorial Hospital volunteered his time, reorganized his schedule and along with ten other compadres flew by private jet to the north shore of Hispaniola.
"The situation is desperate. This is the poorest country I have ever seen by a long shot." Said the well travelled doctor earlier. Having volunteered his skills in several other third world countries before, Colm said this was the most moving experience yet.
A large volume of the patients he saw were suffering from infections and related problems. Quite a lot of people are still dying
"Garbage and filth is rapidly piling up in the streets. The situation is dire."
The best thing people can do right now is to donate money, nothing more, nothing less."
The private jet that Colm and his group charted cost almost $70,000 of which the entire cost was donated.

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