Friday, June 4, 2010

Mega Bullitt S - Feedback for New Owners.

Tom has been surfing all his life and recently took delivery of a new Mega Xtec Bullitt S. He sent us some excellent feedback on the boat that we thought would be useful to our other Bullitt owners.

From Tom M. in NSB
I've surfed all but one day since taking possession of the BullitS.
Really liking it, as finally getting the fitting dialed in. We've had some very good days here, especially Easter Week. Ended up using only 3" side fins about 1" from the back. The boat does some nice reentries and flips through the lip. I attack the waves somewhat different from the Reaction. Very fast, really easy to generate speed from the tail using a hip turn. The boat is exceptional in staying with a peak and covering a lot of ground. I haven't even been on the Reaction since taking ownership.

The foam seat ended up around 3" from rear cockpit covering the first inch of the trailer fin box. I modified the back support and set it 4" from the cockpit rim. Made rectangle foot supports blocks (glued in) as the blocks supplied put too much pressure on the carbon fiber bow (it bowed out somewhat when using them). The fins placement was funny, side fins too far forward and the Bullit really tracks bad. Too far back and yours turns were sluggish. Spinners are not quick enough so I'll try the 2.5" fins with maybe a trailer.

Surfed a few days finless to work out the seating arrangement optimum weight distribution. I liked the glide feeling but lost too much down line speed when transitions from rail to rail and losing an edge. Fins give you more drive.

Presently I can catch waves or peaks before any SUP surfer or kayaker. Rocking the boat side to side when paddling generates a little more hull speed and helps with chasing down those elusive waves. The boat is a wave catching machine but still very maneuverable.

The Reaction and BullitS both have their strong moves. After a few more weeks I'll probably (maybe) be ready to alternate boats.

Just wanted to say thanks. I do get a lot of looks from surfers that know quality craftsmanship when they see it. Also I've turned a few heads with some big surf moves.

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