Friday, June 11, 2010

Vote For Savannah's Hottest Single

We are not sure why he is up for Savannah's Hottest Single, but he is friend and that makes Brian Jolly hot enough for us.
Brian is the Manager of Half Moon Outfitters on Broughton Street. He sometimes sports a thick bushy beard and often seems like he's one beer ahead...(but this is could be a genetic thing.)
He is not a 'know it all, done it all', techy camp store smarty pants trying to sell you what he thinks you need.
He is not trying to save the albatross, nor is he a flashy dresser in a flowery shirt. I suspect he does not have a leather briefcase or drive a BMW.
He is a very likeable, laid back guy who can tell you the best pubs in town, some great hikes in GA and he'll let you borrow his kayak or paddle board, no questions asked. Give his beard a comb and he could probaly get you a good deal on a new tent or sleeping bag !
Savannah hottest Single ?...sure, why not?
Vote for him here.


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