Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mega Boost in Stock

Johnny Bingham loves his Boost....

The Mega Boost is hot on the shelf for 2010.
With a comfy seating position and spacious leg room, this boat is not lacking in the radical performance department. If you are planning on taking part at the Worlds next year, now is the time to gear up.

We currently have new and used Mega boats on sale
Give us a ring to see what is available or come try the new Mega Boost.
It has the dependable paddle out ability of the Neutron, but does not feel as big in the cockpit. This boat has taken some of the best characteristics of the Reflex, Neutron, and Merlin and rolled them into one comfortably radical ride. If you are too big for the Reflex and too small for Neutron, then the Boost will sit you well.

Specs : 7'6" x 24.75

"Compared to the Merlin and Neutron, the entry rocker is more gradual - I found it seemed to glide very smoothly whilst surfing, but it still seemed to skip up over the waves easily on paddle-out."

"I like a boat to sit comfortably and easily around me. The knee braces and cockpit are an inch or two lower than the Merlin and Neutron, which I don't find it easy to lock myself in. I find this a better, more natural position to fit the boat. It also means I can roll it very easily."

Demo this boat today.
912 341 9502

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