Saturday, July 17, 2010

Save Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge

From Dot Bambach

At a time when we see daily photos of dead and oil-contaminated wildlife in the Gulf coast states, I take some comfort in knowing that many of the species that will struggle to survive in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and perhaps Texas can still find safe haven at Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, located halfway between Savannah and Darien, Georgia.

But Harris Neck is under a different sort of threat -- former landowners who sold their properties to the federal government for use as an air base during World War II now want to move back onto the refuge. You can read more about their demands via the following link:
Aside from the fact that their claims to the land have already been adjudicated (twice) in court and found to be without merit, the proposed 70+ residences, hotel, and convention center are completely incompatible with the purpose and operation of a wildlife refuge.

Nonetheless, the proponents of the Harris Neck land grab have been creating a lot of media attention and exerting political pressure on our elected officials. I stopped by Congressman Jack Kingston's office yesterday to register my opposition to the proposal and one of his aides made it clear to me that he needs to hear from a lot more people like me to "counteract" the pressure he is getting from the proponents.
Contact Jack here..

So please call, e-mail, write or visit your elected officials and your newspaper and radio editors about this issue. Let them know that wildlife refuges aren't expendable "vacant land" and that Harris Neck must remain intact and protected. The article in the above link will give you their names and contact information.

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