Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Guides, Instructors, Artists Wanted.

Floor plans for the new SC&K premises are moving ahead as planned.
We checked out a couple of locations and settled on the current site due to location, logistical requirements and vibe.
"It's great space that can be utilised in any number of configurations." said a floor manager yesterday.
Of course, the new building will also be a flagship for Mega Performance Surf Kayaks in the USA. Other brands such as Tiderace Kayaks, Cobra, Bell Canoes, Native Watercraft and Necky will also be showcased. The focus of the shop floor will be on sit down performance paddle craft at all levels.
Aside from an interesting variety of small boats for sale, artwork depicting a nautical theme, or by paddling artisans, will be a part of the emphasis of the 'boathouse'.
We are currently on the look out for local creative talent as well as experienced paddlers and instructors looking to be a part of a team.

Please email us your resumes, CVs and portfolios if you are interested.

Happy Thanksgiving

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