Friday, November 5, 2010

Some Twitching for the Weekend

Please join Ogeechee Audubon and expert birder Diana Churchill for a bird walk at Fort Pulaski and Tybee North Beach on Saturday, Nov. 6. There is an especially high tide that morning, which will increase the odds for seeing rails, "marsh sparrows" and marsh wrens at Pulaski. And the high tide will concentrate the resting terns, gulls and shorebirds on the beach, making them easy to compare and identify.

Meet the group at 8:00 a.m. at the entrance bridge to Fort Pulaski. It will be cool and quite windy, so dress in layers and bring a windbreaker and hat. Binoculars, telescope and snacks and water are also recommended. Please bring plenty of quarters to feed the parking meters on Tybee while we bird the beach.

Hope to see you there. And be sure to mark your calendars for our annual holiday potluck supper on Tuesday, Dec. 14, which will include our 40th anniversary celebration and a video about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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