Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exped Available at Savannah Canoe

My favorite tent for leading extended trips on the Georgia coast quickly became the Exped Solo Vela 1.
After selling some photos to Outdoor Research, the USA importer for Exped back then, I added the Airmat and the Wallcreeper sleeping bag to my overnight ensemble.
I was a very happy camper and have followed the progress of Exped ever since.

On our River Ganges India trip, we tried some other Exped products, all of which we thought were very well designed and functional. We particularly found useful the Exped Multimatt. We used these foam matts to wrap around the wooden frames of the collapsible kayak for protection during transit. Folded up they made great kayak cushions and laid out in the tub of the tent they were a excellent insulator from the damp sand. Of course, as a picnic blanket and camp carpet, they were terrific.
You can read about us on the Exped Blog

We will be carrying the Exped line at the shop, which will be open by mid March. Come and have a look.

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