Sunday, February 20, 2011

SC&K Shop Opening Date Almost Set.

414 Bonaventure,
'On the road to the cemetery'

With hammer, nail and brush, the new Savannah Canoe and Kayak Shop continues to take shape on course and, so far, on schedule. We have tentatively set the opening date for the weekend of March 19th. We will not be fully stocked with all our lines of equipment, but as Steve Braden says when triangulating your position...
'close enough is good enough'.
We might actually not be that close, but that's okay too.

Shop hours will be as follows..
Wednesday to Friday 12-7
Saturday & Sunday 9-5
Monday and Tuesday closed

Yesterday we received our first mail drop package at the shop. Thanks Tommy - a hat is on its
way to you. For the most part we will still have merchandise delivered to our current address, but letters and USPS will be deliverable to 414 Bonaventure Rd.

Our opening artist at the SC&K Gallery will be Matthew Cooper.
Cosmic Articulations -
The Sculpture and Designs of Matthew Cooper will run for 4 weeks.
You will be able to access info about upcoming shows and art for sale on the Gallery blogg...
The exhibition opening will coincide with the opening of the shop...
If you are a paddling artist we would be very interested in talking with you.
We are currently lining up an exhibition roster for the coming season.

We are scheduling a Painting Party to work on the exterior of the building for Saturday, March 5th from 11:00-4:00.. weather permitting. Thank you to all of our local customers and friends who were willing to donate their time at the last work day. It was a tremendous assist.

And finally...The Mega Proton is in stock and ready to shred. We will, as usual, we be pretty heavy in Mega Kayaks. We will have a diversified range of sit down paddling boats, from wave and surf skis to rec boats, fish on tops, canoes and sea kayaks.

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