Tuesday, March 29, 2011

South Magazine Photos & New Trips

If you missed the shop opening party on Saturday...(and 1300 of you did) here are a few more photos to check out.
South Magazine photographer John Alexander came by and took these..

Getting back to what we do best..We have added some new trips to our calender for this season.
Local Paddlers Choice(LPC)Trips are aimed at paddlers looking for more advanced and challenging adventures to test their skills..
They will be guided and will include some, but not much coaching. Look for these trips on the calendar soon...

Circumnavigation of Wassaw Island - Overnight
Day Tripping in the Tybee Triangle with Dave White
Naturalist Paddle and Hike with Mike Robinson
3 Cuts Trip - Little Tybee
Circumnavigation of Little Tybee
Turtle Island Adventure.

More will be announced soon.

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