Friday, April 8, 2011

By Appointment to his Holiness...

In between fetching water, chopping wood, begging and 8 hours of meditation a day, your average monk does not have much 'down time'.
Recreational kayaking is so far down the list, it's not funny...infact, it left the list several lifetimes ago.
Just recently SC&K Surf Team paddler Dr Kamikazi was in Vietnam, where he did his bit to promote the spiritual side of paddling to the shaven heads. The Buddhist chaps could have been slightly impressed, amused, distracted...difficult to say which. However, gifts were exchanged and prayers for the happiness of humanity were 'thought'.

Bhavatu Saba Mangalam!

Also during his visit the good Doc administered some head trauma education to rural hospital staff.
Well done Doc !.. and that Quarter you lifted from the church collection that time...say no more.

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