Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tybee Kayak Race Day Wins Big

The local paddling community made a great show this weekend at the annual fund raising event for the Tybee Marine Science Center. It appeared that the turn out was one of the best ever. For The Little Tybee Challenge alone, we counted some thirty racers, as a large component of Surf Skis moved rapidly down the Back River on a near perfect racing day.
Savannah Canoe and Kayak was one of the sponsors, and many of our customers and staff paddled away with top honors and cool prizes. Steve Braden triumphantly defended his 'First Place Sea Kayak Division' win from last year and Mary Siceloff took first place for her first race ever. Kay Hess was barrel rolled coming around the north tip of Myrtle, but quickly regained composure to finish in the top three. One of the top prizes of the event, a Saltwood paddle, was won by SC&K sponsored paddler and Surf Jammer Arthur Benson. Somebody else won a kayak.
We will have full results and details soon, but for now a big thanks goes to the chief organizer Debbie Kearney, all the volunteers, sponsors, paddlers, and supporters who made this race a fun raising success.

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