Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SOT Paddler Saves Family of Six

Yesterday at the beach.
Fortunately the paddler was an hour early for his class on the front side of Tybee Island.
The tide was mid-flood and a large family group were wading across the outer bar to the flats. 'Bad news' thought the paddler, observing no life guards on duty and a soon to be unfolding scene of 'not good' proportions.
From a distance, it was obvious the young black family were oblivious to their life threatening predicament. By the time the paddler reached the family, they had started to clue into their situation.
"You need to go back the way you came, very quickly." explained the paddler without wishing to alarm the the 4 kids.
By this time the ocean was now spilling rapidly over the flats, no longer just coursing through the channels. Wading would probably no longer be possible, thought the paddler.
"So we put the 5,7 and 8 year old on the SOT". After instructing the the oldest boy (12) and the two parents to hold tightly onto the kayak, the group started to wade and then swim across the now very fast moving, deep channel. The kids started getting scared and it was slow going, but finally, after a fair amount of effort, they were able to touch down again on solid sand of the south end of Tybee.
A beach walker came up and said he was about to call 911.
The paddler thought 'I'm outta here', and went and taught his surf class.

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