Monday, November 7, 2011

When Surf Kayak Demo Goes Awry

With over 15 different Surf Kayak models in stock, we love nothing better than to be able to offer surf kayak demos... after all, the proof is in the pudding. However, over the years, we have seen several surf demos end up in 'tears'.
The latest demo destruction we witnessed was at the 'Worlds', when Valley Surf Kayak's beautiful Nemesis was badly abused to the point of unusable. "You break it. You take it" seems a bit harsh and will not win any goodwill or lasting patronage. Putting down a $250 deposit for any damage may cover repairs, but will not cover loss of value. So yes, we are reluctant to do demos in the surf, unless the client: a/ Already has a composite surf kayak. b/ One's paddling and surfing ability are known to us and c/ The conditions are suitable. Flat water demos are a great indicator to a boat's paddling performance and fit. We can arrange flat water demos to anyone, at anytime in any boat.
After all, the kayaks we sell all surf like demons, and you would not want to end up like the poor No Comment Girl on TV.

Too late, you missed it. We have disabled the video of no comment Girl. We figure she is lucky to be alive and needs to be spared further Internet ridicule and embarrassment.

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