Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bullet Holes, Crackers and Argentinians

March is always a busy start to our season, which is great after three months of lying low. It was with much sadness that I was not able to make Santa Cruz Surf Fest. Kristin said if I go to SC, she's going to Egypt. Too bad because the waves were really going off this year and the surfing was extreme, but we made up for it with some brisk business here at SC&K.

We shipped a boat to Pedro down in Argentina. It took some doing but we now have good friends in Buenes Aires eager for us to visit..

Monday we had our first surf class of the season over at Folly Beach S.C in small but very clean conditions. Half way through the lesson I realized my boat was sinking. After close inspection I noticed a bullet hole that passed through the hull and out just above the forward rail. It explained the automatic gun fire I heard three nights before and got me wondering how many more boats lay slain back at the ranch.

Our first camping trip went down to Beach Hammock Tuesday and Wednesday with ten students from Lawrence Uni in WI. It was a great trip which means good weather, good food and good company. The interior of B H was a little on the trashy fact we came across several cracker camps during the trip. You can always spot them...bear cans in the fire along with shot gun shells, a destroyed tent from Bass Pro and a chair or two usually with bullet holes in them. A Hammock clean up needs to be organized soon.

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