Thursday, March 6, 2008

Winters End.

A long and hard winter it was not. Quite short and mild actually, during which we 'put up' our paddles and closed our doors. Did we lay on Sri Lankan beaches, sipping tea and sketching palapa huts and native canoes ? Did the howl of monkey madness in palm canopies serenade our western ears ? Did the dusky morning smell of burning coconuts and boiling chai infatuate our nostrils ?
No, nothing like that happened. But we did get some rest and 'rest is best' said the fat guru. A lot of our attention turns to the house and garden which gets somewhat neglected during the 'season'. A trip to England, a stroll along Brighton prom and cup of tea behind the rain lashed windows of the Greasy Spoon cafe was as 'foreign' as we got.

But, March is the start and we are now up and running, firing on all(most)pistons and excited about the paddling ahead. New boats from P&H will be here very soon and the Mega boat inventory is looking decidedly hot. We are implementing extended 'shop' hours...Thursday 6-8pm every week will be open house. Some evenings there will be lectures, slide shows and special presentations, but always tea and biscuits. Come over and say 'hi', maybe buy a new kayak... use the side gate and be nice to Joey.
Savannah's Paddy's day parade is next Friday (March14) and symbolically marks the end of winter. I'd rather be in Santa Cruz and Kristin in Egypt. So we'll settle for Little Tybee then.
We have a lot of plans for this season that will slowly be revealed, if not check back.
And remember's better with Metta.

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