Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tornado Pulls Plug on Savannah Big Bash.

The biggest collective hang-over of the year did not happen this Sunday morning in Savannah. Last night the lights went out and the music fell silent out about 11pm. And with nothing left to do, everybody went home early. . So what happened to cause such a drastic change in everybody's party schedule. Well, a mighty tornado touched down on the north bank of Ebenezer creek and followed the power cables that feed all of Savannah and surrounding areas. Fifteen huge steel Pylons were twisted and mangled beyond all recognition. Dozens of trees were uprooted and snapped mid way up. You could smell the tree sap in the air. Two homes were completely destroyed and the residents of newly developed communities on Ebenezer road thought there last moments on earth had come. We ran a trip down the Ebenezer creek this morning and were treated to a terrifying scene of incredible destruction. I had no idea how far we would be able to get down the creek. There were trees down at the put in and a little further down, a dozen or so Cypress trees snapped off mid way up, but aside from a few tricky strainers, the waters flowed free. Amazingly, there was not a lot of damage in the creek valley. Pictures coming soon.

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