Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Power Outage Coming Soon

From Jason Buelterman.
Outage is planned for November 15th, 7am – 1pm. Both Wilmington and Tybee Islands will experience a total power outage for this period.
Rain date is November 22nd
Scope of work consists of replacing six spans of overhead ground wire (OHGW) on transmission structures across Turner Creek, adjacent to Islands Expressway.
OHGW provides lightning protection to the transmission line.
Transmission line is elevated over Turner Creek and more likely to be struck by lightning.
Multiple damaged areas have been observed over several years and temporary repairs made to mitigate the risk of failure.
Condition of OHGW has deteriorated to the point of needing replacement.
Replacing the OHGW in this section cannot be done safely with the transmission line energized, in service.
Only one transmission line exists to Wilmington Island and Tybee Island; loads cannot be served from any other source.
Approximately 12,000 customers will be involved in the outage.
Failure of the OHGW could result in an unplanned outage lasting two to eight hours and would only clear up the immediate problem; a scheduled outage would still be needed to replace the remaining OHGW.
Delaying this work only increases the probability of having a failure and unplanned extended outage.
Pre-outage work (i.e. access to structures, placing equipment, temporary guying, adding step bolts to structures, laying out material, grounds ready to install) will be done to make sure no time is lost once the outage begins.
Other maintenance-related work on this transmission line will be done during the outage to make the most of our opportunity.
Portable traffic message signs will be placed at strategic locations the week before the outage to advertise date and time.
Resume normal operation.

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