Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Surf Rider Meeting

Beach Renourishment –
COL. Ed Kertis of the US Army Corp of Engineers spoke on the new beach renourishment.
This is a Federal Shore Protection project that runs in 7-year cycles. A federal template for placing the sand was used.
Time frame is 45 days, working 24 hours a day. The borrow site was found by an outside contractor and is the same site used during the renourishment of 2000. This is an 11 million dollar project, with Tybee Island paying 6 million dollars and Chatham County making up the difference. National Surfrider is meeting with the Corp to discuss the recreational features of beach renourishment. Although recreation is not a high priority of our government in these instances, COL Kertis suggest writing and emailing your Congressman, your Senator and your Representative to make your voice heard. The question was posed to COL Kertis about a beachwater break being built and he had no knowledge of that happening with this renourishment. Mark Mosely will attend a meeting with the Corp to discuss wetlands management and protection on November 19, 2008.

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